Konras t1_j4m5i8g wrote

There are many reasons why they would not admit it. One would be that they would admit that Russia has capabilities of executing such operation and there is no need to elevate fear in the population.

You need to chill a bit. If I really was a conspiracy crazy person so you think personal attack is a way to go? Definitely not, that only alienates conspiracy theorists and we need to deal with flat earthers, anti vaxxers, 9/11 deniers, whole maga nonsense and more.

Did discussion and debate died on internet?


Konras t1_j0216p0 wrote

Above you said that company makes it complicated to use this benefit to save money. But at the same time this allowance is nothing compared to stock they grant.

I think we can agree that compensation and benefits specialists at Meta are not exactly on top of their game.

When you remove a benefit people will be annoyed about it. When its nothing compared to what you pay to those people, why even bother?