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We had something similar back in the early to mid 2000s, it was a website called DanceSafe that had pictures of all the ecstasy tabs making the rounds, what their chemical composition was and if they were "safe." That safety being relative to the pills whipped up in some asshole's bathtub full of various cleaning solvents.


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Absolutely, it's aggressive, and even people who don't believe in angels could find it off-putting. But let's be honest...the comment isn't any less true just because it's arrogant.

There's this NFL behind-the-scenes show called Hard Knocks and one year a player on the featured team revealed that he actually believes in mermaids. Here in America he was roundly mocked and ridiculed, and it occurred to me that given the religious makeup of this country, a massive portion of those pointing and laughing at this guy were people who believe in literal Christian hell.

This TIL reminded me of the arrogance of those people, and as the Gospel of Matthew tells us, violence arrogance begets violence arrogance.


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"Okay Luca, we know you're excited about your first trip to space and being chosen to lead the spacewalk, but just some basics before you go. The suits are bulky and can hamper movement a bit, you may feel slightly claustrophobic at first but that tends to pass, and it's awfully hot in there but again, pretty manageable."

"Roger. Anything else?"

"Well no not really, go ahead and strap that harness tight, we're preparing for launch. Oh by the way every now and again the helmet completely fills up with water and we don't have a fucking clue why or how to fix it see you next Thursday!"

slams hatch shut, engines begin to ignite


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Depends on who you ask I guess. I encourage anyone to get out there and try to throw endless comments out and see if it gets you to 2 million. There's some dude out there with like 20-something million comment karma, he's probably the one to ask. I used to be 50th on Earth, now I'm barely scraping top-100. I got banned from my main karma sub six years ago, now I just grab a bit here and there.


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Quality is an oddly subjective thing. The vast majority of my most-upvoted shit is just sorta meh, whereas there are some absolute gems out there that land with a resounding thud and die with three upvotes. I click save on them all the same so I can go back and giggle when I'm bored and/or sad Landlubber.


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Fantastic guide.

When I was a kid I used to think the line "trouble in the Suez!" was "trouble in the sewers!" because I was a child and didn't know what the Suez was. Around the same exact time, I walked out into the living room while my mom was watching IT and it was the part where Pennywise was trying to lure Georgie down into the sewer. So I spent an unreasonable amount of time in 1990-'91 thinking there was some epidemic of child-murderers lurking in the sewers.