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The problem is not overpopulation. It’s how we use resources. We have the resources to safely support 10-12 billion people currently. The problem is that they aren’t spread out equally, and are wasted on frivolous or unnecessary things (eg single use plastics). I’m all for people having less kids, but forcing them to or killing people is not the answer. After all, we care about climate change first and for foremost for the negative impact it has on humans. We’re part of the environment, when the environment is hurt we are too.


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I know I’m very late, but I bought your book “Hope Never Dies” for my dad for Christmas, and he loves it so far : ) If he likes the ending I’ll probably get him the sequel. But I wanted to ask if you’ve ever talked to the politicians you’ve written about, did you need their “blessing” to speak to write satire about them? Idk the laws around that sort of thing.