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It took literally hours before getting an evaluation. By then I had been having my breakdown for so long that I was exhausted and just wanted to sleep. When the guy came out to meet me with me seemed completely disinterested, essentially told me to perform breathing exercises and I'd be fine (I was not fine, I didn't need inpatient care but I did need professional resources), by the end he basically just shrugged and walked away. My family left with nothing to show for it except for a ludicrous bill for basically being told to do something that would do close to nothing


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Here you go fellow redditor...

Last night, my boyfriend and I ordered a pizza.

Unfortunately, I didn't know that I had already paid using my debit card. Upon delivery, I ended up with $40 in my hand and gave the delivery guy a 25% tip on top of what was paid online.

The delivery man, who was a man in his 30s, barely spoke English and drove a beat-up car.

However, he expressed his gratitude with great enthusiasm by telling me "thank you!" It was then that I realized I had just given him double the amount of the order. I hesitated to admit my mistake and ask for a refund, but the delivery man's reaction changed my mind.

When I saw the smile on the delivery man's face, I knew that the money meant a lot to him. He was so happy that he even made a little jump when he got into his car.

Although I wasn't rich, I felt good about helping someone who needed it more than me. I felt a little silly for making the mistake, but the joy I saw in the delivery man's eyes brightened my day.

This story may seem insignificant, but for me, it was really cool.

TL;DR : I paid double for a pizza because of my distraction, but I have no regrets. The joy I brought to this person was priceless.

Edit: I opened this before putting my phone down for a while. When I came back to read the post didn't let me vote on it so I knew something was up. So after reading your comment I decided to copy and paste. I hope you enjoy OP's story


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That isn't even really acknowledging your insecurity. If anything that is using them against you for your own entertainment

This is hard to hear at that age, but I wish someone had asked me this. Are you sure you really want to be with her? And none of the easy "I love her" excuse. My opinion, genuinely sit down by yourself and reflect on how she makes you feel. Do you find it easy to be around her? Who is putting the work in to make the relationship succeed? Is it worth it mentally and emotionally to be with her?


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This is my thought, what seems like a lose is a win one way or another. Either her intuition took over after her subconscious spotted something or she found something she can work on. Which hey, working on oneself is IMO the fastest way to find the best fitting partners


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Thanks for the update! I'm so happy to have this be the first thing I read this morning. And honestly, her mom sounds like a piece of work (to put it nicely)

If she's laying into you for "encouraging her to run away" you should lay into the mom about being a decent parent who doesn't raise kids who WANT to run away. Her reaction towards you shows a glimpse of how she probably treats her daughter. Like you said, you just can win with some people.

Still, you've done the right thing between teaching these kids amazing skills, to going out and finding her, and finally convincing her to come back to civilization. You sound like an amazing mentor and hopefully you don't let me lady with her own major issues drag you down with her negativity


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She would've run elsewhere or not she had the skills. Hopefully she learned enough to survive, if so then this might be a better alternative

Imagine if instead of running to the woods she ran off with some random dude she met online. This is what several people I knew did in highschool, one of them literally ran off with a 34 year old dude who ended up getting arrested cause he was a straight up sex offender.

Point is if she is surviving on her own then she is in a sense of the word, safe


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It sucks, it may seem impossible but you're putting both yourself and him in a bad position by dragging this out. What happens if he hits you with a "Will you marry me?"

I hope you the strength to do what you need to do and for good luck in the coming new year


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Wait so you jumped straight to saying you only like girls when you're so very clearly bi?

I used to have a friend like you, she lied alot too. Unlike her you recognize you need to reflect on grow. Judging from your post you have a lot of living and a lot of learning left to do. Be sure to keep you mind open, be the best person you can be, and don't be ashamed of who you are.

But lying and causing yourself anxiety will only reward you with complication.