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I haven't watched it yet but does the premise of her being visted by the dead people she writes about last? Cause the marketing of the show did a 180. It was all about the premise before the show aired and then every commercial since then has just made it look like a regular workplace comedy so I didn't know if they retooled it.


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Just enjoy TV man, stop looking at it as something to win or something to be accomplished. You're trying to deal with it because people you think it's only defined by the ending, it's the same way a generation of TV viewers only want shows they can watch in a week. They won't invest in a show unless it's already over. You feel like you need to cope because since the ending was bad you wasted your time. You lost TV when you could have been off winning with another TV show. Stop viewing TV that way, just enjoy the ride.


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It's not much bu there have been 6 times in the 5 years that I have had an HD antenna that the cable went out or something happened where I just grabbed antenna and was able to watched what I was going to miss because it was on one of the networks (mostly sports)

I pay for cable on 3 TV's (living room, bedroom, and basement) and keep the antenna in the guest room with a roku in case anyone wants to stay in there and there's something on the networks they want to watch. And when I first got the antenna I moved into my now wife's apartment and she just had a simple cable plan that came with the unit. She got NBC but it came in kind of fuzzy so I would use the antenna to watch SNL most weeks.


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>Guess what, if you don't watch a show because it might get cancelled only contributes to lower ratings which leads to cancellation.

This is the part that bugs me the most. "I'm gonna wait 5 years to make sure the show gets 5 full seasons and a satisfying ending and then I'll pirate it." The rest of us aren't here to subsidize your entertainment.


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Things like this are so subjective that it's hard to really qualify it, but what I can tell you is Married...with Children is great, Modern Family is great, and Ed O'Niell is great in both.


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I'm still a cable person, I grew up with commericals, they just have never bothered me. Again it's just how I grew up, ads are when you ran to the bathroom, got a snack, got stuff done.

And I know there's people that feel that they shouldn't have to pay for ads or that by having ads it turns the whole show into ads but I have way more important stuff to stress about than that so I've never gotten much into it.


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I've seen that, it's pretty fun but it's pretty much just a Youtube clip machine, they don't have full episodes unless it's actually uploaded to Youtube. So it's cool to "flip through" and feel like you found and old episode of The Simpson halfway through but really it's a 2 minute clip that's gonna keep replaying.


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Remember flipping through network TV and actually discovering shows? This was one of those shows for me, about halfway through season 1, flipping through when nothing was on, it looked interesting so I watched the rest of the episode. No trailer, no "this is a match because you watched ______", and this was at a time when shows (especially network shows) weren't always available next day so I just finished season one trying to piece together what I missed in the previous episodes. I miss how simple it was.


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Actually the oppoosite, it was written by a long time writer Brian Iles. He wrote a lot of episodes in the late 2000's and I think has written some of the best episodes in the second half of the shows run.

I've watched Family Guy weekly since pretty much it's second revival and while I think the decline in quality happened later than most people say, there was a real decline in quality. I think about 3 or 4 years ago it got pretty bad. But these last two seasons have been pretty good.


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I feel like if circumstances were different Everybody Loves Raymond would be right there with these types of shows getting revivals. It's one of those slice of life shows that would be easy show to jump right in and see how the characters are reacting to the current events. But Peter Boyle dying not long after the show ended really hurt any chances of seeing the a revival and the door was slammed shut when Dorris Roberts died, you can't do that show with both of Ray's parents gone.

Plus you have one of the son's dying and you'd have to navigate re-casting vs writing him out.


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I think sitcoms need filler episodes, creating the dynamics is so important to comedy and you just don't do that in 8 episodes. Even a show like Reboot which I think is one of the better sitcoms to come out of streaming had a season one finale that (IMO) didn't fully land because it needed at least 4 or 5 more episodes to build the relationships that the finale relies on.


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> Apple and Amazon will inflate sports values ​​until no other company can compete. And that's it.

I've been saying this for a while now and people don't get it. Steaming was fools gold, people now believe that paying any amount of money should get them ad free content. Netflix got everyone thinking for years that $7 a month should get them everything they want in streaming with no ads. But Netflix was really just staying afloat so when prices go up that must be greed and when there's ads that must be greed but in reality paying $7 was never going to pay for that. And now we're gonnabe left with the only companies that can afford to use our entertianment as their loss leader


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Ok. Honestly, I will always contend that Shark Week is really only popular because people like to reference that one line from Step Borthers. But like, is it a secret that it's kind of whatever on the educational factor? I've never once heard someone reference something learned from Shark Week. Most years it's just like "Gronk was supposed to catch a touchdown while be defened by an actual great white shark but it turns out they just did a bunch of simulations"