Llohr t1_jegrghn wrote

I'd like to add to this: While benzos on their own are rarely fatal if overdosed, withdrawal from them is one of the most dangerous forms of withdrawal, and can itself be fatal.

I've known some people who would read that they're so rarely fatal high doses and think, "wow I can take all the benzos I want! Benzos are safe!"


Llohr t1_iy9bza2 wrote

It's like this because of short-sighted profit obsessions.

Employers literally think, "Why should I give them raises if they're already here willingly working for their current wage?"

They extend better offers to new hires because no one will start a job for what they're currently paying people. Most of those people are in a position where they feel trapped. They don't have the savings (or are too risk averse) to move somewhere for a new job, they have leases, medical issues for which they fear a period without insurance (which is why insurance should not be tied to employment). And so on and so forth.

The result is a loss of talent, but since higher-ups so often believe themselves to be the only true talent, they rarely fear that.