MagAqua t1_jefx7yx wrote

If an owner died and it was successful the family would keep it going. If they were bought out it’d be a new restaurant and there would be signs, if the lease ended and they didn’t renew obviously they didn’t make enough money lol, if the health dept closed them wtf would you go back there then haha. Just cause I got downvoted doesn’t mean you’re not a dunce for posting this


MagAqua t1_jefi8ga wrote

I have absolutely no idea what happened but what happened was it wasn’t making enough money and what will be replacing it is another restaurant most likely. If not I’ll go with another business


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There’s this lil place a little bit north of the city if it’s not too far for you. Incredible meats, you really must try them. I insist- it’s called Arby’s, and it’s on McKnight Road