Marino4K t1_j6b3jcg wrote

What the fuck is going on recently? I feel like there’s been a huge uptick of robberies, break ins, etc going on.


Marino4K t1_j57bkf8 wrote

I’m beyond sick of Evernest/Dodson, countless maintenance requests for legitimate things, ignored phone calls, no communication between employees (aka different people showing up weeks apart for old requests with no clue what’s going on), procrastinating, etc.

I’ve also started filing complaints with the city about it and there’s an inspector coming out on Tuesday. I’m over it.


Marino4K t1_j27a2qu wrote

With the cops clearly not doing anything to try and catch this guy (what a surprise), nothing is going to be resolved until someone actually physically catches this guy and handles it themselves especially when he doesn't get spooked by cameras, returns to the same places, and obviously wants people to see him.

Some are downvoting me, but what do you want to happen? The guy is a blatant threat to people in the area and nothing is being done about him.