MasterShoNuffTLD t1_j10z0n3 wrote

AI in its form now is just very good pattern recognition..

That’s why your voice on automated responses works without training it , and using computers can recognize faces etc. It has taken this long to get a computer that can do what your brain does in recognizing patterns this is why you can read different peoples handwriting as another simple example.

So it won’t create anything or really take anything away yet imo. Those skills are pretty useless on their own but will help fields where finding patterns in large amounts of data are important. IE medicine, sciences etc..


MasterShoNuffTLD t1_iy5svxx wrote

If the car in front of you starts getting the air moving by driving through it, it takes less energy for you to have to push the air so that little extra energy turns into a little extra speed. If you watch motorcycle racing or car racing they do it all the time. Sometime 5-15 mph difference..

Less resistance means less work you car has to do. The physics are the same on racetracks or roses and the distances between cars where a slip stream works are greater the faster you go so it usually isn’t worth the risk at high way or normal road speeds..