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I’m not sure if you have visited WV much or recently. But Lonely Planet ranked WV the #2 Travel Region in 2022, the only state in the US to be selected.

The creation of a new National Park, New River Gorge, definitely helped. But if you wanted to visit a nice tourist town you may like Lewisburg, Fayetteville, Davis and Thomas, or Elkins. If you wanted something even more unique try Helvetia.

Point being there is more to WV than the stereotypical hillbillies working in coal mines and drinking moonshine.


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Are you seriously suggesting the “proper” thing to do when driving 60 mph or above is have your lights set to a 5 second intervals rotation from high beam to low beam because the human body’s vision cannot react at that speed with low beams?


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My personal policy is if I can see someone else’s lights then I’m switching to low beams. I rarely find myself in a situation like you describe, a straight stretch of road with a couple hundred yards between the vehicle in front of me.


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Reply to comment by Faerhun in High beaming by ResponsibleExcuse727

It drives me insane how many people drive on the interstate with their bright lights on. It is like you said. Some people have automatic lights and don’t bother adjusting themselves which is annoying. Others can’t see well and think of you are a few car lengths in front of them l it’s on.

Some people just don’t care.


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I suppose anything is always possible. . . Or maybe we go into the dreaded stagflation, inflation cannot be contained because of the supply chain and commodity shortfalls, while certain segments of the economy don’t completely crash, yet don’t grow any significant amount either. Could the global economy experience something like Japan’s lost decade?