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This ignores housing bubbles though. Also seller prices prices typically increase when there are lower interest rates as their are typically more bidders. Some end up bidding over what the house is worth as a means to have the winning offer.

Both of these situations are unfair to buyers who may end up seeing drastically lower assessments on surrounding properties just months later.


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I’ve had a bus driver with no lights blinking swing it’s stop sign out after my car had already started passing, during winter at that. Stopping that fast prob would cause me to slide on snow. Anyhow that douche bus driver laid the horn on the entire time.

The same bus (unsure if same driver) picked up kids in front of a house that was a couple houses before a stop sign. After picking up the kids, the bus driver blew right through the stop sign almost slamming into my neighbor driving through the intersection (neighbor didn’t not have a stop sign). Bus driver laid on the horn and was shouting. Neighbor ended up calling the school to report the driver and they didn’t care about witnesses or anything..they said they were going to ask her to show up to court or some shit. It made no sense.

What I learned- bus drivers are equally bad drivers, but are untouchable. Always approach them slowly as it’s what’s right for children safety and quite honestly, you don’t know what those nutcase drivers will do.

There was a massive shortage of bus drivers recently and they didn’t really care who they hired.


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I tip $1-$2 on all pick ups. I never get delivery because I’m impatient Sit down restaurant- 15% for average service, 20% for good. I’ve occasionally have done 25% for great service, but I cant keep doing that with inflation


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Some daycares give you a handful of sick days, where they won’t charge if you can’t come…but it’s usually limited to a few days.

The biggest issue is you can’t really shop around as a parent. I had to call over 24 daycares in the area to get one without a 1-1.5 year waiting list. It’s also a 25 min drive for us which sucks…. But it’s what was a available.


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I’ve considered approaching one of the teachers and offering under the table money to be our personal sitter lol. They honestly should be paid great for the amount the center charges and how wonderful many of them are.

I’m sure there’s far more overhead costs I’m not aware of….but I also know there is a successful daycare closer to me that only would cost 2k a month for both kids…. The waiting list is stupid king though. I should be able to get my son in the toddler class around the time he’s in 7th grade


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Daycare is the biggest bullshit necessary evil.

I pay around 3k a month for my two kids. Here are some of the joys....

  1. Kid gets sick- they aren't allowed to go (I wouldn't want them to anyhow). But there's no fee drop... so if my kid stays home 4 days one week, I still pay for all 5.
  2. If I go on vacation, I can't pay a holding's just the standard amount. Meaning if I take a 1 week vacation with my kids, I have to basically throw $700 in the trash. I get nothing from it.
  3. If the center has workers call off, they ask for volunteers to stay do not get any money back for this so they basically are asking you to throw away $75-150 (1-2 kids). If nobody volunteers they have a lottery system to pick a loser that gets childcare yanked away from them unwillingly.
  4. If staff is sick and unable to come in to a large extent, the room is closed for the day and I have no option but to not take my kids....I do not get reimbursed any money for this.
  5. If I am late picking up my child they charge $1 per minute. This isn't too crazy and it's never happened, but ....for all the other money they scalp from you...this shouldn't be needed.

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I found the burgers to be over cooked and dry (I got it to go so that could be it) but the pickle chicken strips were fantastic.

I will die on this hill though- if you are a fucking burger place, fries come included… charging separately is horse shitery


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Pedestrians in south side literally have waited to cross the street the exact opposite time they are supposed to. Even with don’t walk signals flashing… in broad daylight.

Our city is full of incompetent walkers.


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Possibly, but often times doctors focus on treating the symptoms and not cautioning others potentially exposed to contagions. Like I said ear infections are the results of viruses or bacteria… this was likely a. Virus since both were infected. I received 4 ear infections in 3 months from my son bringing home contagious viruses. No doctor ever told me to stay home… they just treat the current symptoms. Not sure why people think it’s a dick thing to caution potential virus carriers not to expose it to others.

It’s Reddit though- everyone is so eager to be offended.