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I have a few...

Linda Perry on P!nk's "Lonely Girl". Linda cowrote much of the album, but sings in this track.

John Lennon on David Bowie's "Fame".

Justin Hawkins on Steel Panther's "Party All Day", or on Meatloaf's "Next Time You Stab Me in the Back, You Better Do It to My Face", which Justin also cowrote.

James Taylor on Carole King's "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow".


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See: Labyrinth

"One of us always tells the truth, and one of us always lies. He lies."

Edit: Or this other one I heard from Davey Havok on Loveline many years ago...

"If I asked you to sleep with me, would your answer be the same as the answer to this question?"


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Foxy Shazam

Rock band, somewhat Queen-like. They have changed a lot from the early days, to the middle days, to now.

Early days were (I'm not good with various genre names, so take these loosely) screamo, middle days were the Queen-like rock, and afterwards they went Gonzo.

Larger than life live shows, if you happen to attend one.

For me, the sweet spot is the Self-Titled album and it's follow-up, The Church of Rock & Roll. That would be albums 3 and 4, if you include their self released first album The Flamingo Trigger.

Anyway, basically no one ever reports back to me whether or not they've actually listened to the band after I suggest them, but they are awesome and deserve to be heard.


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311 had a different guitarist way back in the late 80s named Jim Watson. He went skinny dipping at their local YMCA and was taken back home to his parents still naked. Police Code 311: Indecent Exposure.

He was replaced with the amazing Tim Mahoney (who just celebrated a birthday yesterday), and they've held that line up ever since Jim left, also in the late 80s.

Well, SA joined a little later than Tim, but then I guess you could say that when SA joined, the real 311 started. There are many early tracks recorded before SA joined, but I don't know that any of them are Jim Watson on guitar.


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Yes, I agree that their self titled is also just an amazing piece of work. Those two albums are their finest work as far as I'm concerned. I honestly thought they could take over the world.

I know the self titled had a LOT of money put into it by their record label. I know Feldman produced it, and I remember Skye saying that they had (I forgot the groups name) one of the old-school famous R&B groups singing on one of the songs as well. Or at least a member or two.

And Church had Justin Hawkins of The Darkness producing, and I absolutely love his work. He met Eric when they'd both been hired to write songs for Meatloaf (have you heard the Justin/Eric demos from that?), and Justin immediately chose Eric as his writing partner when they were asked to group up.

When I saw them open for The Darkness the week after Church came out, I was awestruck. They put on a live show that was just bonkers. Truly a great period in their career.