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Just because it has effective medical use for adults does not mean it is perfectly safe and fine for adolescents. Delta9 THC is still psychoactive. There is a reason they don't sell SSRIs over the counter, too. Don't get me wrong, I use sublingual cbd/thc myself, but I'm not going to pretend that there isn't a possibility that using a psychoactive could have a negative effect on the brain.


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San Fran is kinda fucked up, 17% average tip in that kind of housing market!? I'm amazed there are people willing to work service industry there as is, but such a shitty tip average makes me wonder even more.


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A collaboration of the 2 guys from Abba and the lyricist who had spent about a decade collaborating with Andrew Lloyd Webber on his biggest hits. The concept album cast some of the biggest names in musical theatre.


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The quartet is so difficult to do, but so awesome when everyone has their timing down. I know him so well, you and I, anthem, pitty the child; that show is crammed with amazing music, but Bangkok is the only one anyone ever remembers.


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There is a punk bar in VA Beach that serves "food" in the form of having a waitress microwave canned sloppy joe and put it on a bun. Bars have to offer some form of cooked food and pay a fine if alcohol sales are over a certain percent of total sales. A handful will offer some trash that is not recommended for actual human consumption and just pay the fine.


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Look for international student groups. When I was at ODU they had an amazing "Foreigners Club", most members ended up living together, working together on graduate projects, a bunch of couples formed and got married, and they threw the best parties 😉.


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I bought my house in 2013 because I had enough in my starbucks 401k to make a down payment on an FHA loan. I only even considered this because I couldn't afford to rent a 1br apartment in my area, but I could afford a $700/mo mortgage.