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Mine saved mine too. MIL even gave me a little sterling case to hold our baby's teeth. Yuck. I never used the case from MIL, and when I moved mom into assisted living, I dumped all my teeth and baby hair. Maybe it was a 'thing' in the 50's and 60's? I have no idea, but I did NOT save any of my kids teeth...


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Older dudette here. Flabby armed (hence not the best at digging for in-ground posts...).

I think I will probably try the heavy-duty hangars. I have hung pictures and a heavy antique mirror using wildly oversized picture hangers, and those have ridden through earthquakes, so maybe I'll succeed with that outside too!


Oh, and I'm bookmarking that site! Thank you. It says heavy duty wall anchors and screws (fine) but also says I STILL need to find the studs??


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I even have a post hole digger! However, I have horribly rocky ground, and I'm pretty sure the blades would bend or break if I tried to use them. I've been using one of those garden claws to break into the soil, and taking 4-6 iterations to get down to nearly a foot. I'm bordering my driveway with all the rocks and baby boulders I pull out of the ground when I garden.