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I don’t think of kindness as something where anyone can take advantage. Kindness doesn’t require an exchange. You can be kind without giving up anything and without appearing weak. You can be kind to every person the same without risking anything at all for the sake of being kind.

You should use the same caution with people that you always would. You should expect people to show you the same kindness that you show them. You should set boundaries and not tolerate disrespect. Nothing changes in this regard depending on kindness.


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No one cares about who is student council. You didn’t even care that much or you wouldn’t have been skipping meetings.

Set your sights higher. You have better things to do than feel sorry for yourself. Ignore the petty shit and keep up good work!


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I’m trying to understand what you are trying to accomplish.

You mentioned you want to be happy, present, forgetful, and still.

I hate to say this because the thought of it makes me cringe.

You might benefit from meditation. It doesn’t work for me because I never want to be still. It does work for a lot of people.

Otherwise, try to think of things not alcohol that can help you accomplish your goals.

Maybe you don’t really want to be still, you just don’t know what to do with all your energy. In that case maybe some form of exercise would be nice. I also try to mix in as much sexual activity as possible. It’s so good for all of the things you mentioned.


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What is your goal? Is it relaxation? Do you have another way to do that besides alcohol? Is there someone that makes you feel relaxed when you’re around them? Is there something where you feel relaxed while you are doing it?

If alcohol is accomplishing a goal and you would like to replace it, the replacement should also accomplish your goal(s).