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Yea the one drawback to this park is the crowds. Need to find off season to enjoy the true beauty of this park without the craziness. Being near Vegas and within striking distance from California make it crowded.

Also when doing any of the popular hikes go at the crack of dawn before all the amateurs head out at 10am. It will still be busy but you'll atleast be with people that put in the effort and preparation to do zion hikes. Once 10am hit it was filled with every Joe moron doing the narrows in flip flops for example.


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This advice is so so critical for people dieting or working out. If you are trying to get fit, everyone wants a quick fix. they work so hard for like a month or two, see little to no results and give up because who can sustain doing a hardcore routine for the long term, virtually no one.

Best advice I got from a guy from a local gym when I asked him how he got so fit, he said... I went to the gym and then never stopped going. He said he hardly ever goes more than 3 days a week and is typically only 35-45 min a session. He just didn't stop, consistency was his secret.