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Thanks for all your advice! I have taught before though in order to get licensed! Not a full year but several months! I like it but it paid less than nannying in my area lol! A little work to live in a house is normal, but I am not interest in major renovations! I’ll take what you said into consideration!


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I totally get this! But the truth is I am tired of renting. That is a silly reason but I’ve been working fulltime since I was 18 and have significant savings despite the fact that I currently pay over 2k a month to live where I’m living right now haha. I don’t have any debt either and a great credit score. I’m eligible for down payment incentives as well. I want to buy.

I’m kind of open to renting for a few more months, in order to eligible for another grant in 2024 but end goal is still to buy haha.

I got pre-approved for more than $225k, I just don’t know if it’s worth raising my limit because I don’t want to keep spending 2k a month of my take home pay on housing. I understand the risks that come with homeownership and I’m fine with them.

Thanks for the advice though!