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I can see how madoffs banks could be held somewhat responsible given that he was in finance and laundering Ill gotten gains for his personal use. And I see that Chase had to pay $1.7Billion to victims but Epstein wasn’t charged with money laundering. I know he should be in jail for his own financial schemes in the past. He was charged with sex trafficking. How are banks supposed to know a client is sex trafficking? They’d have to hire PIs to follow all their clients looking for illegal activity.


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It will be thrown out. Unless they have emails or people to testify that they new what he was doing I don’t see how it could move forward. Plus it would open up banks to be sued for any Criminal activity by their clients. Bill cosby’s banks, Harvey Weinstein’s banks, Bernie Madoff’s banks, etc.


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Are they saying the banks were aware of what Epstein was doing with his money? If anyone should be sued it’s the state of Florida. They knew what he was doing and made back room deals to reduce the charges and fake a prison sentence and allowed it to continue.