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Not true, but go you. Like, yeah, that how it's theoretically supposed to work, and how it STILL works in places where tipping is not expected to pay the servers salary, but only for truly exceptional service. But no, that isn't how it works in practice for everyone. Yeah, some people dont care, period. Whether you like it or not.


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Sigh. Because you're being obtuse. The prices, the cost to the consumer, in effect, would not rise if you're already tipping 20%, like ya should. How many times do I have to repeat what I meant before you get over yourself?

Thats what regulation is for. Like all kinds of workplaces have. Like the ones allowing them to pay less than minimum wage because of tips currently. No one said it should be a free for all, keeping the current laws, or that unfair rules should be put in place. That would be incredibly stupid to argue for. Strawmen are good for farming, not for discussions.

Stop defending systems that were LITERALLY designed to work against you.


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Yes, in effect, to the customer (who already tip appropriately), the prices wont be raised because they will be paying the same. Thats why I said aside from the psychological aspect (of seeing a higher number on the menu), the ACTUAL price they pay will remain the same.

For people who dont tip 20%, yeah, they will pay more, that doesnt bother me. If they could afford to eat before with however they tipped, but cant with a forced 20% "tip" baked into the price, maybe they should stay home. For those that typically tip more than 20? You can still tip additional for excellent service unless its against the business policy to accept tips. Like everywhere else in the world.

So try again?


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Sigh. If you raise prices by 20% and people who used to tip 20% dont have to tip anymore, they will be paying the same price. How hard is that to understand?

And yes, tipping was established 100% to benefit restaurants at the expense of the staff. But anecdotal data is worth what its worth.


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But they aren't raising prices. People (who tipped as they should) will still be paying the same, psychological perceptions aside. Tipping was created 100% to benefit the restaurants, not the customers or the employees. Do you know the history of how it came about? Why do you defend the practice? And how it it fair when you have to rely on others who can literally screw you out of good pay for a shift/table because they are assholes. Really fair that. Dont trust a boss who can be held accountable but trust rando strangers who aren't. Bugger off defending tipping as a practice.

I will tip minimum 20% as a starting point as long as it IS the practice for the US, and youre an asshole if you dont, but to defend it? Thats flipping dumb.


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After 3 delivery orders in a row where I did not want sour cream and it came slathered in sour cream, making it inedible for me, there will not be a 4th. One was fluke, two was a wtf? Three was my fault for giving them another chance.