Pandasrqt t1_jeh1phx wrote

Dude, you are absolutely crushing it right now. You're doing better financially than most of my friends who are in their 30s. You have the drive and knowledge to do well financially in life, you don't need to stress the details as much.

Do what makes you happy first and foremost, you only have one life to live, so make it count. If you think buying a condo where you live right now will make you happy, and you're financially comfortable with it, do it! Sure, you could lose your job tomorrow and need to figure things out. But you could also be hit by a bus tomorrow and not be here anymore. Live your life and spend your money on things that make you fulfilled (within reason of course, but I don't think you need to worry about that given your current financial literacy).


Pandasrqt t1_jegyx7j wrote

Okay, so if you are telling the full truth here this is manageable. But you NEED to get spending under control to get out of this hole. Getting on a strict budget and monitoring all non-essential spending should be step 1. Call the IRS and get on a payment plan for that $20k. Then prioritize all debts in order of highest interest rate. You can do this, and likely relatively quickly, but you need to get a handle on your finances.

There's no way you should be in this situation with your salary. Get a handle on things and get out of this, you can do it.