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The new moon isn't this weekend. Its Tuesday. I myself plan on heading out Tuesday night to either South Shore Beach in Little Compton, Gooseberry Island in Westport or Frosty Drew with my camera. Gooseberry is the darkest spot with the least amount of light pollution out of the three, but I want to get the observatory in the foreground of at least one shot. So I may drive the hour across to Charlestown instead. Some of my shots are here:


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The Guild guitar company relocated to Westerly in 1967 and stayed there until 2001. 23 Industrial Dr, Westerly, RI, currently occupied by the Johnnycake Center Food Pantry and Thrift Store. I own 3 vintage Westerly made Guilds.


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Not always true. They side with whoever is in the child's best interest. My daughter has been with me ever since she was 3 weeks old. (She's 9 now). Her mother walked away. Courts of course since her mother and I were not married at the time of birth, started taking child support out of my checks. I fought it and it went on for a year or so. She wouldn't show up to court. So the courts would take the money and put it in an escrow. Eventually the judge threatened to arrest her if she didn't show up so she finally did. Admitted that my motion for relief was true. That I had our daughter full time, had her covered on my health insurance, and my ex had NOTHING to do with her. Judge returned all the money they had taken from me and closed the case.