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I guess, but everyone knows they owe taxes. One of the only 2 guarantees in life, and the other is death. After 1 year knowing I didn’t pay taxes, I’d be quick to get that figured out so fees and interest don’t pile up, and it doesn’t go to collections. Ever tried to tell the city they’re at fault?


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100% unless you just need to show people you have panels on your house, you will never get any benefit. They are extremely expensive and over promise and under deliver according to numerous real life customers I’ve talked to. Most of their pricing is based on 25+ year payment plan and a max 30 year panel warranty. You will pay the same avg electric bill you pay today because you’ll be paying for the install. By the time the panels are paid off and you own them, they’re no longer under warranty.


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Fair, I laughed. The industry is plagued by poor explanations and overpriced installs. It doesn’t take a lot of math ability to look at warranty expiration compared payoff timelines for the “0 down” offers to realize you never own the panels and you will barely reap much benefit. My gripe has nothing to do with the tech, or benefits of solar, and everything to do with big solar companies.