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I'm sicilian myself (living in Mazara del Vallo and studying in Palermo) and I make arancine with my mom quite often. I can assure you that the batter is the traditional way.
As of the difference between batter and egg, I can't really tell because we always use batter. Probably it lacks of that eggy flavour, which is good since you don't want that.

I wanted to point out a thing of GialloZafferano's recipe. They use caciocavallo cheese both for rice and rag├╣ filling. It's a very specific cheese from south Italy and it could be hard to find outside. You can switch that with regular parmesan-like cheese for rice and mozzarella for fillings.
Also there are just two different fillings in that recipe, but you can use whatever ingredient you like. Popular ones are: speck and fontina/provola, spinach bacon and mozzarella, eggplants tomato sauce and pecorino, salmon and besciamella.
You can even go more gourmet if you like with fancy combinations.