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...every day's the same when you're unemployed I guess?

I suppose I should warn you of the macroeconomic headwinds facing the automotive market...slowing car sales, chip shortages, etc. but seems you've made your play already. There are certainly worse companies than HMC to park your money, and Beyond is one of them.

Godspeed, fellow regard.


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No risk! 150% return!

I've never been to one that didn't have cars in the drive thru!

...that's some rock solid DD there, OP. You do know they lost $4 million on $750 in revenue last year, right? When do you think Dutch Brothers will be profitable? You know these guys have been around since '92 right? This isn't some new growth start up with new technology or some groundbreaking product. It's a god damn coffee shop.

They have had some nice revenue growth but how much more market share is out there with Starbucks, Tim Hortons, fucking Dunkin Donuts, etc all selling their version of the same shitty black liquid caffeine sauce.

Godspeed OP. Hope your calls print. But your thesis is regarded.