Prinzka t1_jeggj2d wrote

> Most people that try to kill themselves with it drink alcohol too.

Yeah and then you need a lot less, that's the danger.

>I couldn’t imagine taking 50 mg of it.

Tbf, I can only imagine it.
About an hour after I took the first 4mg I don't recall anything for the next day or so.
I took the rest of the bottle I had I'm assuming because I forgot that I'd already taken some.
There was never an intent to take the whole bottle, just the first ones made me not form any new memories....


Prinzka t1_jdrjf7z wrote

>Nearly died. Shit is no joke

Yeah same here, came pretty close.

>Luckily, in my case I’d literally just read the symptoms a few days before and knew what it was right away.

Yeah, recognizing the symptoms makes such a gigantic difference, and it can go wrong so quickly.
Had I recognized the symptoms right away it would've probably been minor.
As it was it was quite close to killing me.

>Happened in NYC and the hospital was awesome

I was in one of the best hospitals, so I trust they did what was best. It was mainly my own stupidity that made it bad.


Prinzka t1_jd463u7 wrote

Dunno what to say to this. That's simply not true.
You can't say that human coal burning contributes to our climate change but coal burning that we didn't cause doesn't contribute.


Prinzka t1_jd3ypv6 wrote

It still contributes to the same issues, even if it's not caused by humans.
The vast amounts of resources needed to even try to put this out probably far outweigh the benefits.
But i don't think it's accurate to say that just because it's not human made it can't haem us.