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I think society mocks them in some way. Ive worked in those kind of dirty blue collar jobs before and some people straight up told me "when are you going to study and have a real job?" Like…. what the hell???? Im getting paid very well, i dont need to get a "real job". How are those essential jobs not a real job?

Society wouldn’t even be able to function at all without the dirty blue collar jobs. Its just sad that society promotes jobs in finance that dont really contribute anything aside from numbers going up meanwhile plumbers, electricians, mechanics, janitors are seen as bottom of the barrel and low iq works. Theyre the foundations of this society, nothing would work without them.

There’s a big sense of delusion in society where people subconsciously feel superior intellectually because they’re doing a clean office job.


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Its a double-edged sword though. A lot of people would not like it and call for censorship because well… kids browse the internet and understandably parents dont want their kids to do anything on the internet . Also, porn tends to be dissociated a little bit on the internet, it rarely gets official public access.


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Full Dive VR. The potential is limitless. You could create worlds bigger, more detailed and more beautiful than Earth. You could travel to isekai cities with millions of characters that you can interact with (the characters are so complex that they feel human). The worlds are going be so believable that you’ll feel more at home and you feel more alive inside those virtual worlds.


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I imagined some type of advanced 'hub' where players can connect with each other and they can jump into any world they choose. They could create their own world (with the help of AI), or they could join a world created by another human or even a simulation that is entirely made by an AI. I think those simulations will be so believable that they will be indistinguishable from reality, to the point that we will question our own reality and what does "real" mean when a simulation will attain a certain level of complexity. I do think we’re going to live most of our lives inside simulations.


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Immerse myself in complex simulations. If the AI is at the stage that it can replace every job, its pretty likely that there is some form of FDVR with complex worlds where you can spend years in. At this stage im pretty sure its gonna be hard to decipher what's real or not or we'll have a different meaning on what "reality" really means. I would also like to spend time with my family. That is my hope if we have an optimistic future. If we're towards a dark future well... it was nice knowing you all.


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We’ve been saying that the world would have less scarcity for decades now but the middle class are poorer than they were back in the 60s. Affording a house is impossible now. Food price is through the roof yet we’ve never produced so much resources in human history. Farming equipments are more efficient than ever


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I really hope 6 is true. I think AI would be the best thing to happen in the medical field. Unfortunately, humans are just too flawed to be doctors imo. They make a lot of mistakes and can misdiagnose pretty often. Also the first few seems plausible but the second half is way too far-fetched imo


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In 2018-2019, I always told people that I thought the 20s decade was going to be absolutely WILD, I dont know why but I just felt it. I didnt expect things to get crazy this fast though.


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I know its hard. Ive been thinking about starting programming python/C# to complement my expertise (I am a 3D Artist trying to become a tech artist). But even then it feels like both of those fields are going to get crushed by AI soon enough. At the end of the day we just have to move forward and do what we like


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Easier said than done. Its extremely difficult to tax the rich because they can split their money in offshores tax havens and have a team of top lawyers to back them up. Businesses can simply move to another country to evade tax instead of being located in the US.