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I used to do the same rat race but found a solution.

  1. Book amtrak from providence weeks in advance. The tickets are cheap, like less than an MBTA ticket. You can cancel right up to last minute. $$ goes back into your account. No stops.
  2. Park in the Providence mall. If you are on east side, ride your bike, etc. That's what I did when the weather was nice.
  3. I also took the MBTA in and amtrack back, etc. Just getting home fast was great.

The Amtrack trains don't run all the time, but if you can time your work and it right, you can save hours. The downside is the cost of the garage in Prov vs. free in Pawt. But what's your sanity worth?


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We go to big river all the time. Many of the trails are wide or actually old roads so tick exposure is low. Look up carrs pond. Parking lot on Hopkins hill road. Trail on right in parking lot brings you to the pond.


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RI schools are key. Most that can afford it move to the areas with the best schools.

Based on what you said, EG sounds like it covers the others along with the school part. You can hike in big river, bike, etc. Be at the marina area, too. It's all close. The western part sounds like it will fill the bill for land too.


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I went to RIC for a couple of years for the basics and then transferred to URI for Marine studies. Saved a ton, and URI had to accept my class credits. The math classes are actually better at RIC too.

As for the rep, the comment a degree is a degree is true with the exception of, say, Harvard. Once you're in the workplace and prove yourself, nobody cares.


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I did the same from Providence. Parked in the mall and walked over. The garage there sucks. I found that taking the commuter in the morning and Amtrak at night was best. In the morning, if you miss one (traffic, etc), there will be another one rather quick. With amtrack, you've got one shot, so to speak. Also, with Amtrack, you can book a few weeks ahead and save big bucks, cancel if you have to, and they add your fare back to your account. Used to take the 5:30 home.


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There is also an app called freetv. Pinpoints were you are via GPS and will show you all the local towers and the digital channels they broadcast. Rather than guessing, it helps pick a spot to set it up in your house.


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Also, I found that if I booked like 3 weeks in advance on amtrak, the daily tickets are really cheap, and u can cancel. And get a refund towards another ticket. MBTA to work, Amtrak to get home fast.


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The oldest street traversing downtown Providence, Weybosset Street curves along its length, intersecting with Westminster at the northeast end. The origins of Weybosset date back to the Pequot Indian Trail, which originally traversed the southern edge of Weybosset Hill