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Be prepared for some grossness. Pregnancy does crazy ass things to your body. Puking, lots of puking. Farts, lots of farts, especially while she sleeps. Weird cravings, give her them all 😂. Uber Eats can become your best friend. Be ready for irrational emotions, like crying bc the grocery store is out of flaming hot munchies so you got flaming hot cheetos and that’s NOT THE SAME.

Pregnant women can also be super horny so be prepared to take one for the team if your greasy-haired baby momma comes at you in three day old pajamas.

She might also want zero sex so be prepared to help yourself and just treat her like a Queen, before and after baby comes. Never pressure a postpartum mother into having sex. This is so cringe to have to say but you would be SHOCKED by how many women say their partners are pressuring them to have sex before the doctor even medically clears them. It’s 6-8 weeks so, it’s very doable.

Be prepared for postpartum to be hairy. A woman’s body does amazing things during pregnancy and childbirth… and afterwards it goes a little haywire. PP hormones are insane, postpartum anxiety and depression are extremely common. PP women smell [bad] so their baby recognizes them. She’ll probably wanna live in the DIY mesh diapers for at least a couple of weeks. Her hair will start falling out around 4 months PP and can take about 12-18 months to recover.

If she wants to breastfeed, I recommend researching “how to support your partner through breastfeeding”, versus just researching breastfeeding.

White noise will become your best friend. We have a Dohm sound machine in every room. lol.

*Adding one last thing. Be prepared to go to bat for her. Pregnant women and new mothers are gaslit quite often, and many times it’s by medical professionals and family. Trust her and have her back 100%. Even if it’s up against say… your mom.


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This is actually false. In my Food and Beverage college classes we learned that restaurants will serve lower quality drinks super cold or super hot bc that masks some of the taste. ie: the highest quality sake a Japanese restaurant is going to be served luke warm for the fullest flavor, while the cheapest sake is going to be served super hot so you don’t notice the lower quality in the taste.


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It’s just selective outrage. That’s the problem. It’s like Americans that will complain more about an athlete kneeling during the anthem than the fact that 20 veterans committ suicide on a daily basis.

QUAILS! I’m in Southern Nevada so we see them all over too. I want to get a tattoo of a few of them.


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A British comedian literally offered to pay David Beckham tens of thousands of dollars to not participate in the World Cup bc of the anti-LGBT controversies. I’ve seen headlines calling out Beckham for betraying millions of fans by participating. *I know he isn’t playing, he’s like some lead liaison off the field.

You should get out of the shower and google some news stories.