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Directors on TV matters far less than on movies. They don't build the thing the same way, that's the showrunner job.

It's really not the same thing if you want to do a Star Wars movie to just go with a show


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I mean there's probably a reason. The Internet is actually positive is about some things when they like them and they're good.

Take for TV shows, House of The Dragon, The White Lotus, The Bear, Succession, Better Call Saul, The Last of Us... all in the last few months and I have only heard positive things about them.


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If it's produced by Netflix (?), not sure it can be called indie. They are great at producing local content everywhere though. IMO that's actually one of their biggest strengths and a huge part of why the other services don't really contest them, they are way better implemented in most international markets because they also got local content. Amazon also has quite a lot (here in France at least).

Will definitively add that to my list, sounds very interesting


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Black Sails wasn't even that successful, it's kind of wonder it got all its seasons to be honest.

Starz also doesn't really have the means to do big things anymore. Maybe if Lionsgate (that owns them IIRC) is bought by a big player ala Apple or Amazon...


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Yeah lol it premiere in 2 months and we have seen basically nothing from it. They were promoting Rings of Power or even stuff like Jack Reacher or The Boys more and earlier than this show.


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I'm actually not sure. We know people re-watch a lot their favorite shows on streaming too and it's probably the same on cable TV. Sure it's better to have a new hit but between a new show that may very well fail (most do) and a proven old show that people like and re-watch (like a sitcom), not sure which will be the best for ads.


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Well Netflix actually makes money unlike the others. Also they're already the most expensive (or almost, I guess HBO Max might be more expensive) and with the password sharing thing, they probably think it'll go better with the price decrease. It's also limited to a small percentage of their base. 100-countries sound like a lot but it's only 10M people (which is 4% of their total base).

Plus they want to limit the impact of inflation and exchange rates in many of those countries I guess (it's kind of nice in general it goes the other way around)

IMO they should more revamp their tier systems but I guess it's still a good thing