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Thank you. Very informative post; I learned a lot about gun laws I hadn't known.

I agree with you: "lax" guns are always blamed. How kids got access to guns, etc. That it's all about too many guns. Unsecured guns.

As you point out though, especially when it's a school shooting, it's actually not about guns: it's about unsound minds.

Universal healthcare. And treating mental health / illness as no different than pulmonary health or cardiac health or cancer.


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Well, in terms of securing rental housing in this market, that's likely better than a dog I think.

With stats like 3% available housing state-wide (up from 2%), you need to be aware that when there are 100 applicants for every apt listing, the landlord will choose the candidate with perfect credit and zero pets.

People still do manage to find something; it's just more difficult.

Good luck 🍀


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Haha and if you think we're talking those measley slinking coyotes you've seen on Westerns -- Noo0O0ooo! These are big Eastern coyotes crossed at some point with wolves, and yes, fattened on outdoor cats


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>Ticks make my skin crawl, I hate the little fuckers!

Same: I'm phobic-ick! ick! ick! (also leeches and those worms that come down on threads ICK!)

Haha that said, I love walks and trails!

Years ago I bought a book, "Walks and Rambles in Rhode Island" and it's fantastic! It has at least a dozen, all mapped and described and rated for time and difficulty and describes what each one offers in terms of sights or animals (seals, birds, etc)

Unreservedly recommend!


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>I’d take RI over any of the places I’ve lived.

Same; lived in states south, north, and west of here as well as in a handful of other countries on other continents.

When I came back to the States and had my pick of any place to settle, I chose RI and have not once regretted it since -- I love Rhode Island ❤️


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Are you sure about the circling part?

I'm in Fox Point and for the past year I've been hearing a car alarm that sounds exactly like a car horn in steady bursts. All times of the day and night. I thought we were over car alarms but guess not. Pricks 😠