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I’m of the middle side where I just want people to be free to exist doing whatever but don’t want a political battle happening in school between the sides you mention. The absence of displaying a rainbow is not the absence of support for the meaning behind it, but it feels like that’s how people interpret it.


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What you’re describing is a symbol that carries a lot with it, and when brought to an ideological battleground, is used as battle flag. Maybe poor terminology on my part, but either way, the words on this print out sufficiently state all are welcome, and the rainbow brings a lot with it politically that is best avoided at a school. Same way I wouldn’t want teachers wearing MAGA hats even though the literal words on the hat are fine, the symbolism just stirs people up.


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Makes sense. Still feels a little weird to have at school if you view it as a battle flag, since school ideally isn’t a battleground the way Twitter or TikTok are. However maybe I’m the odd man out in thinking one doesn’t need to be in battle mode all the time.