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I'm really starting to doubt any Russian nukes actually work after it turned out the Moskova, their black sea flagship, went down because it's defenses either didn't work, were turned off because they interfered with Comms or had been scavenged for parts.

I wouldn't roll the dice on it, but it's really hard to believe they have anything that functions as intended at this point.


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> Forbes had the right to say she wouldn't have voted for gay marriage due to religious views, and won't condemn someone expressing their views based on a religious stance

See, this is weasely. She wasn't asked to do that, she was asked if she condemned the views, not the right to express them.

> the more you shine a light on these views and debate

The light was shone, the equalities minister refused to then condemn or debate them.


Rexia2022 t1_j9ydpsk wrote

She wasn't asked to criticise them on their religious beliefs, she was asked about a political stance.

Edit: not that it would matter, the equalities act protects the right to hold religious beliefs and not be discriminated against for them. It doesn't make them immune to criticism, it's not blasphemy laws.


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There is no other actual discussion, why would anyone discuss opinions you form by just going with what kinda feels right?

Anyhow, this point it's pretty clear I'm basically talking to an advanced parrot, you can say the words but there's no real human thought behind them. I'm not wasting more time on that.