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Depends on what meds. Benzos have a high dependency risk, SSRIs are notably not addictive and safe. They take some trial and error which is tough, but I had a successful time with them. I used benzos a total of 10 times over 3 years to deal with panic attacks and pursued exercise, therapy, and breathing exercises to deal with day to day anxiety. Just my experience, I'd be weary of taking certain classes of drugs every day but I'm pretty familiar with which ones can be hard to get off of if you get too comfortable with them.


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Generally speaking your goal should be to develop coping mechanisms that don't involve substances. I'm not knocking people who use it but I stopped reccomending it as a healthy option for people to treat depression and anxiety, but I'd never tell a teen that it's okay.


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It inhibits frontal cortex development and is widely viewed as a poor choice for people who's brains are still developing.

Edit: also I'd wager that using Marijuana for anxiety or depression has the potential to be irresponsible. Those were the same talking points I used, and frankly I don't agree with the sentiment that it's anything more than an excuse for continuing to self medicate. I've taken SSRIs, Anxiety meds, and smoked weed. Finding the right SSRI was far more effective for my depression, using prescribed lorazepam for the few panic attacks I've experienced was way more effective, and I didn't have a habit that I felt I needed to do regularly to feel balanced. Weed can totally be helpful for stress release and IMO, is less harmful than alcohol but most of the medicinal effects come from CBD which isn't the primary compound in almost all of the weed you'd buy. I don't agree that Marijuana is the miracle drug that cures common cold style mental illness that most of us experience, for me it was a crutch I clung onto for a while. These days I smoke rarely, I don't need any prescribed meds, and I don't experience debilitating depression or anxiety. It took a few years of therapy and introspection to get here, but when I look back weed was frankly something that held me back more than it helped me personally.


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If you're a teen in therapy you really shouldn't be using weed as a coping mechanism. This is coming from someone who smoked for most of his teen years, find better ways to reduce stress. It will emotionally stunt you and is all around a bad decision.


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A $40 knife is half the price of a $120 or a $180 knife? Try that again lol. Comparatively they're all German stainless steel which is very meh IMO, but I care about edge retention and value per dollar. I wouldn't even mention a German mega brand, or a marketed knife company for that matter. That goes for Shuns, Miyabi, Zwilling, Wusthof, etc.


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Good knives require maintenance, and none of the brands you've reccomended are really all that good lol. They're great for spending a pretty penny on a knife that's no better than a mercer genesis forged for almost 5x the price. This LPT is talking about grocery store knives that are 29.95 and underperform compared to a dexter.