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There are SO many people that are house poor, car poor, in debt up to their eyeballs yet project that they are doing well in life. Don't be fooled by appearances. My husband and I drive cars that are 19 and 11 years old, live in a non-glamourous neighborhood, and have saved enough that he will retire at 58 and our kids will go to college with no debt. You'd never know it by looking at us and that's exactly how I like it.


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There's an RI gift shop near the airport on Post Rd. I've gotten my sister who lives out of state some fun things

Some Dell's Lemonade mix would be a nice touch. He'll definitely know what that is. The gift shop might sell Benny's tshirts. That was an RI chain store that closed a few years ago. We all miss it and are still in mourning over it.


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Bachus us a mess. She had nips on the floor of her car,peed in the police cruiser, and hit the officer with a closed fist. She's had multiple run-ins with other SC members. This is not her first lapse in judgement. She needs to resign. The AP is a decent guy (my kids go to TG) who made a stupid mistake.


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You'll have a tough time finding a rental house. I know because we won one in South Kingstown and people book far in advance. That said, there are still some out there I'm sure. Try VRBO. Matunuck in South Kingstown is where we have ours and it's fun with the Ocean Mist Beach bar within walking distance. You can't have fire on the beaches in a lot of places, but it's not impossible to find. Charlestown is also gorgeous but if you're looking for Bars, try Narragansett or Matunuck. Enjoy!


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We just had our daughter go through this last week! I suggest going to the Cranston DMV and watch the cars taking the test. They do it right in plain view in the parking lot. Had I known I would have taken my daughter to watch so she'd know what she was in for. They also have a video on youtube you can watch. It is so weird to me that they don't test on any kind of road. It's all about parking, stopping, a little back up and a turn. But she passed!


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Most tires these days are considered all-weather. Hopefully you have all wheel drive or 4wd? If not stay put til the roads have been cleared. Most people just shovel or snow-blow their driveways. You can buy sand or salt for steps at Home Depot or Job Lot. Hiring a plow isn't that expensive either so you can get on a list. As for hills to sled on that depends on where you live? I warwick Kids go to Gorton School or Toll Gate High School. Fun hills at both.

It's weird we haven't had a big storm yet. I'm ready! Welcome!


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I would go there in person. If they don't have an answer call the attorney general's consumer fraud office. Tell them you're about to do that and they may take action.