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Good to know! Thanks for that info. I’m sure you’re right, it’s probably run very similar and they probably have just as many pets looking for forever homes 💕


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Yes, a few recommended Pope Memorial! It’s sad to hear how many homes pets go through to find the right one. This guy, who I named Daryl 😂 is very timid and shy, but I’ve got a quiet place and I’m a homebody, so he can take all the time he needs to adjust. I also have a senior cat that’s 18! And she is just so chill. I think it’s a perfect fit :)

I don’t think I got a voucher, might have been a limited time thing, but I also haven’t looked through all of my paperwork yet.


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This says something about her driving skills, lol. I lived in Denver for a bit and they never, I mean NEVER plowed during snowstorms. I had a rough go some days in my 4Runner.