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It's hard to ever truly "love" a first episode of a show when you first watch it. You don't have an attachment for the characters. I had the same "didn't love it/didn't hate it" reaction to the first episode of Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones, they didn't hook me until later on.

Personally I usually watch the first 3 or 4 episodes, if it hasn't hooked me after the fourth episode then it's not for me. Or if I actively dislike it because you can tell the writing is bad (see Rings of Power, I quit half way through the third episode because I was so bored and tons of things jut didn't make sense).


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Maybe a full aquicistion would have been too much, but a partnership or something where they helped develop Disney+ and get new suscribers while sharing revenue with Disney for providing the content.

Disney is more mainstream and has broader appeal than HBO, seems like better content for Apple.