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Like others have said, you can go and have a chat with the IRS about a payment plan. Now having said that, you have a whole lot of other issues going on that a long-time lurker would have avoided. First off, I'd lay off using credit cards for a while, pay it off, and try and get your finances under control.


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Most of the time either it gets cancelled the day before and it counts as "served" or you get to the room and they settle before it goes to court so same deal. Also, you'll be fine anyway. Have gotten the letter 3 times, and only once have I've seen the judge's face and I was dismissed as it was for a long eminent domain trial I couldn't be present for.


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If you're going to pick CT as your first taste of the US (I wouldn't) and you're 21, do yourself a favor and just stick with New Haven. You can taste the best pizzas in the US, grab a burger at Louies, etc. Nowhere else has the combination of great restaurants and fun for your age. Been to all the other towns mentioned below and you'll get bored quick.


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It's funny how people think AI becoming very disruptive is far off. Just think about where technology was 25 years ago and now. If anything, AI will become quite disruptive in the workplace in about 20 years and probably lead to massive work displacement mostly into things that require human interaction. It's not that those jobs AI will handle will completely disappear, but the amount of people needed to do them will be reduced.


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Look, as having lived in Bridgeport, some common sense and you'll be fine. Lock doors (home/car) and try to keep your car 100% free of valuables. Other than that, no different than anywhere else.


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As someone who went to a lean running public university (UPR) and then UCONN, it's like night and day in terms of spending and what I consider downright luxuries for students. I know administrative expenses are part of it, but UCONN keeps adding buildings without regards for need or expense. The rec center that cost $100 million added to the student fees (and probably tuition but you won't hear them say it) and it looks like a luxury spa. I'm not saying they don't need fun things to do, although I've been there and they already have plenty, but that building is bonkers. To this day, my undergrad school barely has some ping pong tables in the main student building and the 2010 rebuilt pools for the Central American and Caribbean games (state paid for that one), but hey, $4,940 tuition sure beats $18,524 when the degree is accredited the same and the education equal.


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CT in general is quite safe compared to most places in the US and I've also lived in other cities in other states. The school systems here are, in general, way better than anywhere else except maybe Mass so that's a poor measurement stick to use. Even the cities people talk so bad about in this state (and I've lived in two of those) have large areas that are as safe as the nicer cities, and even the "bad" areas are a joke compared to cities in other states.