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What is laughable is making excuses for irresponsible railroad operators. These companies could make all the necessary operating and infrastructure improvements without a policy change if they wanted to. They won't because they are greedy and would rather spend $ with the lobbyists. Blaming the states without considering that it is the operators doing the MoW work just shows your ignorance.

You can't possibly think setting a fire to hazardous material and let it burn for days is the ONLY way to start cleaning up the mess from the derailment??!


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Norfolk Southern built and moved into a brand new HQ in Atlanta during the pandemic. Expected to receive millions from BBB and was spending money like a drunken sailor. When the act didn’t pass, they started to make some cuts and this is what happens.


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There is a steady stream of people looking to move to one of the ‘W’ and ‘N’ towns around Boston. They may not go as fast or receive as many offers but they will sell. These towns saw almost no decline in prices after 2008 and have only slowed down in hyper ncreases in recent months due to signs of inflation and recession.