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He's OK, just the way I like my NH governors. I'm a Republican but more like Republican Light (same great taste, fewer calories) so I prefer as little BS as possible out of the governor's office.

My favorite gov was probably Lynch even though he was a Democrat. I voted for him every time he ran. Cool dude.


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Yeah, it was out throughout southern NH from what I understand. I ran an errand yesterday and they couldn't accept credit cards because they were down as well.

The initial text I got said it would be restored at 1:40PM, the most recent text I got said service was restored at 3:22AM.


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>I start and end my days in Methuen MA picking up/dropping off my work vehicle

That's why you're taxed by MA.

I've worked for MA-based companies but all of my work was done remotely in NH so I wasn't taxed. If I went into the office every day for any reason I would have been taxed by MA.


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>Curious to see the demographics of this sub

Seriously? This is Reddit, it's 99.5% liberal, the remainder split between R and L.


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I still watch legacy TV and the ads are ridiculous. Surprisingly, I see WAY more ads for Maggie than for Bolduc. I thought she was pretty safe in this race and wouldn't need to run so many ads.

Or maybe she just has a huge amount of money to spend. I dunno.