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I watched a show called Yugioh Vrains, which despite being a Yugioh anime had a surprising good plot. The show tackled the idea of what if artificial intelligence has consciousness. It asks the question “can humans coexist with AI’s?”. The main antagonists ran simulations and found that humans can not, and so is not working to destroy the main characters AI, one of the six conscious AI that exist in the world. Later in the show it reveals a flaw in the initial simulation, showing that it grouped all of the six conscious AI together. When you do simulations for each of the AI, treating each as separate people, it is revealed that five of the six AI could coexist with humanity. The only one that could not was one that was the second antagonist of the show, which was trying to destroy humanity.

Then the show takes a 180 in the final season, saying that new simulations where ran, that said humans and AI could no coexist, but it does not give a reason for how these simulations where different than the ones they done in the previous season. They backpedaled on their message, partly because they had to rush it really bad, and partly so that the main character would have to battle his AI companion that they have been with since the start of the series. To me it feels like they overlooked the nuance of the message they where telling which showed how the main question can not necessarily be answered through simulations as the simulations can be easily misleading . To me it is just disappointing that they backpedaled and did so in a way that did not make that much sense.

Sorry for the rant


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That’s…not what is going on here. To better explain let me it a little better:

I finished watching a show I watched called Yugioh Vrains(yes it is a Yugioh anime though was surprisingly engaging). I knew going in that the redemption from the show was no the best, due to a whole list of production issues. Despite that I looked past it as I loved the core concept and message.

The show lost 6 months of production time due to being ended early. The series thus had to rush it’s ending, making it of even less quality then the rest of the show. And ultimately it backpedaled on its very important message. It lost so much of what it could have been, and ended leaving me with a bit of disappointment, wishing it would have gone in a different direction.

But don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE the show. I will rewatch it again. I will still obsess over it and talk to other people about it and buy merchandise for it. I am not viewing this show as a “win” or “loss” but if I had to I would view it as a win, because even if the writers went back on the message, and even if the show was not the best, it still left me with so many memories and a different along with hopeful outlook of life. As the show said “I would rather be said that they are no longer here then never have met them at all”.

I guess the reason I asked the question though is that I was curious how other people have felt with being disappointed with a shows end. Along with that I wanted to see how I could help deal with a show leaving me disappointed, and not living up to what it could have been