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I never paid too much attention to the song but I had a closer look/listen just now. The chords are basic as fuck and the finger picking only really requires speed.

Is he a good guitarist? Because I can imagine an experienced player looking at a tab and not wanting to play it since it's too simple. Otherwise homeless buddy has no excuse.

It's a good song, but not very interesting to play lol


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Lol what? Get some decent strings and you won't have to change them that often if you don't need your guitar to sound perfect for recording or playing for an audience.

The fact that you think I'm out to trigger people is pretty telling. The elitism on this post makes me sad.

I hope that new players don't see comments like yours and think that playing guitar is a high maintenance hobby. I passed the last 2 classical music exams with this guitar. A somewhat decent guitar with cheap strings will be good enough for most beginning players for the first several years.


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Oh piss off. I play for myself as a hobby at the moment, I don't need to impress anyone. There actually are strings that last for a long time.

Do they sound as crisp as a fresh set? No.

Are they suitable for playing in front of an audience? No.

Do I care about the age of my strings as long as they play well? No.


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Yeah fair, I actually don't mind strings that are a bit dulled. They're bad when playing for an audience or recording, but at home I'm glad they don't ring through the entire apartment building.

I do remember playing as a kid on my first guitar with cheap strings and lots of noise around at an exhibition from my music school. People had to huddle around me to actually hear me. I could've used some decent strings back then, lol.


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Haha a lot of people do seem to think my guitar is FUBAR or at least a danger to anyone's health and literally unplayable.

I got this guitar when I was a teenager (I'm 33 now) and it has served me well. It's not pristine in any way, but it's a good guitar.

It's not actually caked in grime anyway, it just looks more filthy than it actually is. 🤷‍♀️ .


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Every recording I've ever made with my phone sounded awful. I can give you proper recordings other people have made of my favourite pieces though.

You'll just have to imagine it's some Redditor playing instead of the people in the videos.

Milonga al Sur by Alfonso Montes. This is my favourite duet. It's a shame not many classical guitarists around here stick with the hobby long enough to reach the level required to play this. I'd love to play a proper duet again.

Meta Sequoia played by the composer Harry Sacksioni himself. Harry Sacksioni is a great contemporary guitar composer from the Netherlands. I love his work but especially this piece.


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Tf are you doing to your strings that you have to replace them so often?

For me personally there's at the moment no real reason to change strings. I'm not playing for an audience and if I want to upgrade the quality of my sound then I need a different guitar. But I can't afford the €1500 it would cost to get a guitar like that.

I don't mind playing my Esteve though. It's a nice guitar.