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Or simply: I'm not going to move, you can waste $50 on prime seats and I'm going to sit here because you need an usher and without them you need to go to a security area and by the time you do that, I can just as easily stand up and say 'oh, I guess I'm in the wrong seat, I've never seen this guy in my life' and security may ask me to leave, may not, but I'll be several innings in if you need to manage that and then we're back to security is just an usher.

It all falls apart pretty quick.


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I'm not sold it's that. They're exhibiting many things right wingers espouse minus a outward political bent.

I mean, flip a coin, it could be either but I'm just as inclined given the info to presume they're consuming a fuckton of fox adjacent YouTube who tells them this.


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They're in Uniontown, that's getting to the edge of what I would even tangentially relate to Pittsburgh.

But it's pretty clear somebody heard them and just rectified it and they've been fed a steady diet of right wing paranoia so they genuinely believe that is happening.

I don't know what's worse: That we're effectively creating our own pseudo-schizophrenia or that a political party is doing it for their own gain.


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Dude, furrydom is a sexual fetish.

Anthropomorphic animals are an artform.

I think we forget about that because there is an absolute G-rated aspect to the artform but the furries and cons are essentially adults looking to have a fetish convention. I'm not really sure why you're surprised by the idea that fetishes cross into other weird territory.

That being said, AC is pretty much a chill low-key event that's more G/PG rated stuff but I've had enough friends get into orgies to know what's going on in those 7600 rooms.


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100% suburbs.

Richest neighborhood in Pittsburgh is now downtown. But if we're talking single family low rise neighborhoods, it remains Shadyside and has been that way since the 1930s. Millionaire row down near Chateau and Manchester had the title but it's been reliably Shadyside for almost a century.


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A.) Not Pittsburgh

B.) Fox Chapel has old mining houses. Seriously, FC thinks it's richer than it is because it has some old money areas. It's maybe the 3rd or 4th richest township in the county.