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Sorry, I made it a little confusing. It was a long day of service haha. He used a little gelatin in the cheesecake mixture too because he found it's the best way to maintain it's shape. You wouldn't notice it really in the texture. But if the mix were to cool down it would set too early


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I don't know exactly how our pastry chef made the outer layer, but gelatin and orange zest were components.

Basically we piped the cheescake mixture into balloons while it's still warm and liquid, tied it off and made sure there's no air inside at all. The part of the balloon where you tie it moulds a nice orange stalk. Throw in the freezer for a minimum 3 hours.

Then he got the outer layer mixture hot and ready with the gelatin. We cut the balloons off and double dipped the ball of cheesecake into the orange mix using a skewer. Let the excess drip for a couple seconds, and gently wiggle the orange onto the plate.

After a bit it sets and the outside looks just like that. Kinda amazing how he was able to make it look like it had the pores and everything.