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I simply don’t believe this man is your father and if he is, unless he is suffering from the terrible affects of mental decline, he knew what that flag means because he’s been around for 80 years!


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Attorneys can certainly advertise tastefully but these giant mills seem to just try and smother out everyone else. I grew up watching those commercials! When my friend was in law school he told me about their racket, take the case and vend it out to another firm to do the work, take a cut as a finders fee. I have a hunch he rarely took cases unless there was serious meat on the bone.


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I believe that was their argument, it was once illegal for lawyers to advertise like they do now. The current issue is misleading information as seen in this story:

I also just find it incredibly distasteful and if I ever need a lawyer, I’m personally refusing to do business with anyone who has a giant advertising war-chest and appears on billboards. Plastering how much money they claim to get on a billboard is gross and there is always more legal analysis to the story which can’t be explained on a billboard as people drive past going 70MPH. It’s pithy, too simplistic and makes torts appear to be a lottery. It boils our culture down to one thing, the dollar. That it.


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What a gross fucking family. I also hate the law that plaintiff attorneys got repealed that lets them advertise like this. Terrible all around

Fucking a “for the people” as they take 40% of your settlement and throw another 30% to the Dr Nick doctors they convinced you to go to. Yeah, neat grift. Fuckers.