Steamvolt t1_jegktxp wrote

I doubt snorting would make it stronger. Benzos have a high bioavailability when swallowed. They dont dissolve in water so unlikely to be absorbed through blood mucus membranes. However it would have ended up in your stomach eventually. I lost 2 days my phone, geekvape 200 and crashed my 30 mph ebike. Without even knowing. Woke up 3 days later with black eye cut head etc. Dont even know how I got up 4 flights of stairs. I dont remember a thing about it. I hadn't been out is what I thought Eventually enough people who saw me said how fucked up and confused I Was. Expensive day and lucky I didn't kill myself accidentally again. My TV was also broken and my flat looked like it had been ransacked This isn't the first time but the last from know on its only Legit Diazepam like Kern prodes