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I work in Selinsgrove and live in Middleburg. This needs to be done. Anyone who has navigated the “golden strip” of 11/15 knows how bad the traffic sucks and most of it is thru traffic.

It will be a huge economic boon to the local economy to have traffic that actually WANT to be in the area instead of trying to get where they’re going.


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Seems to me that the sexual abuse legislation should be a bill of its own and the REPUBLICANS put the voter ID bullshit in as a poison pill that they knew wouldn’t pass…for the express purpose of political posturing.

Guess the OP is too caught up in partisanship and/or lacks the intellect to recognize these stupid games.


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Jesus…you are one angry asshole, aren’t you? All I am saying is that they could have ONE net pay estimate based on a single/no dependent W-4.

That would give them a much more accurate idea of their actual wage than just doing gross pay. Judging from the word “snowflake”, I can tell with 98.9% accuracy that you’re a hard core right winger who can’t critically think his/her way out of a paper bag.


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There are other taxes besides Federal Income Tax. You also pay towards SS/Medicare, state and local taxes and in the case of a State Employee, retirement and Union Dues(if you choose to join).

You are only mentioning the one tax where you do have some actual control over(married/single and whether to count yourself as a dependent).


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What is the point you were trying to make? If 2+2=4 is your version of “if a person was born with a dick, then they are a MAN”?

Then you’re pretty much a twatwaffle who is outraged over something that really has no affect in your life.


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I like Pittsburgh. It’s like the perfect sized city. Not too big like Philly, NYC, and Baltimore/Washington. When I used to go to Steelers games on a semi-regular basis, we would travel Rt. 22 from Lewistown to Pittsburgh. It is small town America all along that route. Right outside of Pittsburgh, somewhere around the Squirrel Hill Tunnel(it’s been since 2010, so if I am off by a bit, sorry) there is a Sheetz where we would stop, gas up, stretch our legs and relieve our bladders. It was our staging area to prepare for going into the city.

Disclaimer: We are country people who aren’t used to city driving.

I want to spend a weekend there without a football game being involved. I want to check out the Strip District and get ideas of other things to do