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Yeah Toy Story 3 truly gave enough for each character by having it become a group escape movie.

I don't know what the reason for a 5th sequel would be. All of the Toy Story short films since Toy Story 3 have basically been what Toy Story 4 turned into.

I'd be interested in a prequel that followed Woody. Since he's a toy from the 50s/60s era, he clearly had a whole other life without Andy. Set him in a story with vintage toys of the time. I could see that working.


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Maybe not the whole franchise but what Pixar did to Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story 4, I can't get over. They really dumbed him down, even to where hes careless pressing his own sound buttons around real people. Now with a 5th Toy Story announced, I hope they can redeem his character to what it was around ToyStory 2/3


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I mean for me it's the John Wick franchise and I have chapter 4 to look forward to seeing.

There's the fifth indiana jones movie coming out also which im eager to see.

Otherwise, as far as standalone Marvel movies, Guardians of the galaxy I have high expectations, always been my favorite of the marvel movies.


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The reason they have to use CGI de aging still is that deep fake technology is not high resolution enough yet for movies, even if they look good on youtube.

The new Indiana Jones movie is supposed to use a special kind of deaging that actually is a mix of A.I. deepfake and CGI using a lot of archive footage of Harrison Ford. It'll be interesting to see how that plays out. I can see where it would work well on actors who have been in a lot of movies in their lifetime, so Tom Cruise would definitely be able to take advantage.

That being said, Michael Mann typically keeps everything in camera, but who knows maybe he'll be open minded like Martin Scorsese and try some deaging if he decided to do a prequel to Collateral.


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This is what Hallmark movies and Lifetime movies are all about. They're just cheaply made feel good movies for people who don't want to really think about anything. Just a live action romance novel.

Lifetime movies are basically the same thing, same cliche stories about the babysitter banging the dad and suddenly wants to kill the family, nothing crazy just safe stories people want to see over and over.


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Yeah its funny that he now really looks the part, and while I got used to the look, he just seemed way too young to have that greyish look they gave him. (of course people can have grey/silver hair at a young age but it was kinda jarring on Cruise).

A prequel would be the only thing that makes sense.


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I’m positive it will end up being something that doesn’t become officially greenlit. I was just so intrigued with how they could possibly do a direct sequel to the story. It’s such a one off movie and it came out in 2004.


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I normally dont take the articles seriously, I wait until I see something listed on their Imdb page at minimum. I was just so intrigued there was even a mention of a sequel for this movie that I couldn't help but wonder what kind of story could they possibly do for a sequel.

Cause I agree a prequel is the only thing that would make sense.

Like what is it gonna start off and Max finally started his limo business and another hitman shows up in his ride?


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That's my thinking, if this is taking place more or less a decade or more after the events, it shouldn't take that long.

The lawyer would surely have cleared his name and so he wouldnt be mistakenly connected to Vincent still in anyway. I'll be super curious as to what the story could be that makes it work for a sequel. I could understand a prequel, since now Cruise actually looks more the part of a seasoned hitman.


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I am anxious to see this 4th installment. What intrigues me is his huge will to live. Obviously nobody wants to die but he's already got his initial revenge for what started this whole thing. Now he's just so hell bent on having the last word that he refuses to die.


I remember when I thought nothing could top that club scene from the first one, and now Im thinking "nothing can top the knife throwing scene or the underwater shootout from chapter 3"


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Hunt is fearless and wont hesitate to go after people bigger than him, but he's had some chance luck to win a lot of his fights.

Bourne and Wick are closest in their hand to hand combat skill level and resourcefulness. Bourne used a book and Wick used a peyncil. I think Bourne would need some kind of luck tho, Wick is just absolutely cold, and his main goal is to kill, not just defend himself. Bourne sometimes is still trying to win a fight but maybe gain some information like Hunt, so he doesnt have that same drive Wick does.

Wick can take some pretty good damage too.


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The Dark Knight, saw it in IMAX, the whole theater collectively went "wooah" when batman blasts out of the broken down tumbler in the new batpod.

After that my favorite movie going experiences in the last 10 years....Top Gun Maverick after that training run scene.

The docking scene in Interstellar was amazing in theaters.


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There's a lot of theories that could fit. Ultimately I think an unaltered 2015 had to exist in order for the hoverboard technology to exist. The only way Doc could have altered the future would be if he made the techology available or known, and more than likely he'd have (somehow) built that train in secrecy to what it actually did, and he and clara visit timelines without disturbing them as much as possible.

Changing the future in the future never made sense anyways. If Doc was willing to go through all that to fix Marty's life, he'd have done him one better and just stopped him from racing and crashing into the rolls royce as a freebie.


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Regardless of the rating systems, I think the bleeping of words in kids movies can be funny if they do it clever. The gold standard for me (while not a movie) is that episode of spongebob where everytime they said a swear word it came out as a dolphin sound. But they even somehow conjugated the same sound so every adult knew exactly what the swear word was and it would go over a kids head.