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Your ignoring really important factors about why you're in this situation. Step 1, increase your tax withholding with your employer. Stepn2, work out a payment plan to pay this off. If you bought a house under 300k, your not in a hcol area. You're earning over 150k. You can pay off 20k in a few months time.

Be more honest with your situation, set out a budget, cut frivolous spending, pay the irs. Fix it so you're clear next year. It isn't going to be difficult for you.


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I Said that based on the topic of this post. And your respons was:

>republicans have literally done more to help Pennsylvanians than the daily threads about the derailment and bipartisan bullshit that get posted here on the Pennsylvania subreddit.

Cool, i understand you you favor a certain political party, cant relate because i think all politicians are fucking up.

Followed by

>don't be a twat and downplay it because ou(R) representatives get to take credit for it.

Still don't understand the infatuation with Republicans, but ok. Followed by

>you deserve to be called a lot worse. OK.

So eloquent, you are. And

>donation but radio silence about things that actually help people effected by the derailment

Hence the links, not exactly radio silence is it?

Followed by

>Because there's more to the story than the headlines

No shit, thats why I posted the links.

The only thing you've managed to say in all those words is, republicans are better than democrats, even if their efforts are insufficient we should praise them, ignore any otherconversations aboutthe issue, refuse to acknowledge that, oh and throw insults.

How many quotes and repeating yourself does it take to say the sme thing over and over?

If the message you're trying to send isn't that republicans are better than democrats because they're offering water testing, then I'm honestly not sure what you're trying to say here. Because that's the theme. And sorry, but no, you're not going to convince this twat that politicians have our best interests in mind.


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You could say thank you.

It's not a melt down. You're infatuated with the idea that it's being ignored and not being discussed. I'm showing you appropriate places to discuss the topic. Or are you only interested in taking politics 🤔?

It's not a melt down. It was an effort to facilitate discussion. I like how you only know how to talk down to people you aren't actually open for a conversation.

When I'm unaware of something, I like to educate myself. I guess you like to throw tantrums and name call. Not surprising since you are focused on politics rather than actions.

You don't disagree with me. You just don't comprehend logic.


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No. Why would there be something wrong with focusing on the title of a post. Want to talk about helping people affected by the derailment? Make a post about it! It's free, anyone can do it. Even you.

Don't gaslight and backtrack. I Said testing was insufficient. You suggested that I meant that testing was unnecessary. I merely corrected your statement, because you were derailing this conversation, I brought it back on track. If you agree it isn't sufficient, then stop trying to derail, road block and get off topic. I'm saying it is not enough. Period.

You keep talking about how much we should talk about what is being done.

OK here's your chance talk about it. Talk.

I'm not downplaying anything. And even if I was, which I'm not, that somehow justifies calling me a that? Lmfao. Control yourself.

If you agree with my Statement that it isn't enough, why are you arguing? Projection is quite obvious here.

Anyway, say something important here about what's being done to help, or argue back and call names because it's more about being RIGHT than being better.


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That's unnecessary overreacting.

People are focused on the 1k donation because that is the subject of this post. On the posts about train derailment, they aren't focused on the donation. There's a direct correlation between the post subject and responses. Why would you expect differently?

I never said said testing isn't a necessary resonse. Please read my comments as I write them.

>We should not be cheering on mediocrity. If you think testing is sufficient response

I Said It is insufficient.

Name-calling? Grow up. Don't reply if you are going to act like a toddler who lacks emotional regulation.


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>"Yeah, Paulette, I heard on one of the news stations last night that that rail network is heavy into donating to politicians," Mastriano replied during the February 16 stream. While Mastriano said he couldn't confirm that was the case, "I know my own finances. I didn't get any money from that train network."

Here's what they're posting out. He's blaming democrats and boldly proclaiming that the rail is donating to democrats. HE also claims to know where his money comes from.

It's OK if he didn't know and was put on the spot, but he wasn't. Nobody asked. So he didn't have to say anything.

Although, might mlbe smarter to look at your funding sources after speaking out.

He also joins the platform of deregulation, which is why this whole event happened.


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You seem to be more outraged than anyone I'm seeing here.

If the 'best help available is free air and water testing, that's pretty pathetic all around, don't you think? Nothing to be cheering for. This should not be a partisan recovery effort. The representatives in that area should all be responsible for helping residents in a meaningful manner and for ensuring that the railroads are held accountable. Furthermore, they should be working together to prevent these things from happening again, providing resources for remediation efforts and declaring necessary emergency protocol for immediate and long-term benefits of those affected.

We should not be cheering on mediocrity. If you think testing is sufficient response, you don't truly understand the problem.


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I didn't assume that the father was. You did.

Did you read the post? The post doesn't imply any gender roles.

The comment implied gender roles, but the person should have said parent instead of mother. In either case, you're assuming that "baby daddies" are fully supporting their kids and the mothers are just taking a stipend from your wallet. That's why it's weird.


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No chips. You should not call fathers baby daddy. They should be fathers. If the father is subsidizing the mother, that's their familial choice. Why do I care?

Father's have equal responsibility. So it's not subsidizing a mother to be a mother. It's subsidizing parents to be parents because it would help out both "mommy" and "baby daddy" as you say.