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I know you agree with the sentiment, but the fact that you think it's necessary for somebody to exclaim "THIS IS WHAT THE MEDIA AREN'T TELLING YOU" is some silly shit.

(And for anybody reading this, you can say "media is" or "media are." Both are acceptable because media is plural for medium.)


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In light of the most recent missing persons posts on this subreddit, as well as on the news (Ana Walshe, Brittany Tee, Michael Gray, etc.) OP posted 15 PoC who are still missing in MA and have not been widely covered in news media or on this subreddit.

There's this thing called subtext and most reasonably intelligent people can understand subtext without having to be explicitly told. Do you consider yourself to be reasonably intelligent? If the answer is yes, then that answers your question.

If the answer is no: it is heavily implied in OP's post that news media and people in this sub do not acknowledge missing PoC the same way they acknowledge missing white people.


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I'm going to be that guy for no other reason than that I like this argument.

Water is not wet, it's just water. The same can be said for fire: it's not burnt, it burns things. For something to be wet, it must be able to otherwise be dry. Water itself exists in other states (vapor, frozen), but cannot itself be dry.

Water is what makes things wet, but water is not wet.


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Okay, now you're just being needlessly fucking dense.

This literally is Thoams Keller's confit byaldi. Full stop. You are the one who has literally no idea what they're talking about, and you're objectively incorrect.

I'm willing to bet you've never even seen Ratatouille, so kindly go watch it and get off of reddit for a day.

Would you also argue that ocean water isn't salty?


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I don't know if you keep deleting your comments (or why), but I'll reply to what I was able to read.

Keller's Confit Byaldi resembles a tian because both ratatouille and tian are Provencale dishes. Confit Byaldi is not a tian, however, because it contains a piperade at the bottom (essentially a slurry/sauce of roasted bell peppers and shallots), which a tian does not have. There is also no cheese, which tians often contain.

It's okay to be mistaken. You don't have to dig in your heels defending a hill not worth dying for.

This is Thomas Keller's Confit Byaldi, not a tian. They look similar but are not the same. If OP says they made ratatouille, and it looks like this, they have made Confit Byaldi.

Bonus: read this and take note of the final paragraph


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Replying to your (deleted?) comment:

Confit Byaldi closely resembles a tian on purpose. Michel Guérard originally developed it, and it was then modified to its current (and most common) form by Thomas Keller, who served as the culinary consultant for the 2007 Pixar film Ratatouille. This version of the dish was made famous by that very film.

OP even said this was ratatouille, not a tian. That's context clue #1. OP most likely searched for recipes for ratatouille and found Confit Byaldi, which is what this is.