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From what I’ve read some places they don’t recommend winners to give huge money to people/family/friends but instead buy smaller gifts etc when they bring lottery counselors over to the winners to talk and guide them in what to invest it in or to handle the sudden life changing moment.

I’m presuming it’s because it’s a bit dangerous in case someone might go as far as kidnapping you or something or some other dangerous thing to get closer to the winners money maybe? Isn’t it a bit of a dangerous move by the winners here ?


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Mendelsohn is the best love him in pretty much everything one of the coolest Star Wars villains although he didn’t get much screen time to shine in rogue and his role in killing them softly as the druggie is prob one of the best drug related scenes I’ve ever seen


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Excellent movie I only watched it 2-3 years ago actually a decent length after the abysmal remake thing. Def one of my favs now it had a ton of great memorable scenes.